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My Background

I was born and raised in New England , , attended Baum School of art as a teenager and always knew that I wanted to be an artist. 

My experiences

I have had many lovely and some not so lovely experiences that have shaped how I approach watercolors. All combine to create the artistic views that  I share today .

My vision

I believe that watercolor is meant to be spontaneous. It offers such freedom of expression. It’s not so much the subject matter, as it is the mood that is created by the light, that inspires me to paint. I have found that by reading everything I can get my hands on, from art history books, to current issues of art magazines, that everyone has a different set of rules, color schemes, do’s and don’ts, etc. This just reinforces my belief that there are no rules that are absolute!!… Just freedom.

My Palette

Information about Palette

This is my favorite pallet as it has tons of wells and stays happy when I travel ! I put sponges in the large center area to stop the pigments from having a "get together" when no -one is watching !

The only companies that I have found that carry this specific one is Richeson, and Holbein

.I order from Art and Frame of Sarasota , along with Keeton's  Art Supply in Bradenton Florida , Reddi-Arts while in Jacksonville  ,all can be googled and found online , .... and of course there is always Cheap Joe's in Boone N.C.    We love Joe and his crew they are amazingly helpful and quick !!,and also  Jerry's Artorama in Raleigh NC and Ft Lauderdale  Fla. , if you cannot find what you need there  , surf around for  good deals if you live where things are scarce and hard to come by ....I love Sebring ! But it's really hard to find quality art supplies here. I am starting to carry some basics at my gallery . Stop by and see me .



Fees are based on number of individuals involved.

All other subject matter

Based on sizes.


Drop me a line!

For more information on upcoming workshops, or for information on booking, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

Janet King Watercolors

103 Circle Park Dr, Sebring, Florida 33870, United States

(863) 314-0042 ; (863) 446-5734


By luck or by appointment.     Seriously ,,, I am usually open Tuesday through Friday , 10-4 , and Saturdays 10-2 , but will always be happy to meet you at the gallery for a visit or to just browse around ! just give my cell a call .

the money part

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Workshop scedule 2017-2018

October workshops have been cancelled due to Hurricane Irma

November 6,7,8th  Sebring Florida   9:00~4:00 

December 6,7,8th  Jacksonville Florida 9:00 ~4:00


January 8, 9, 10th  Sebring Florida 9:00~4:00

February 5, 6, 7th Sebring , Florida 9:00~4:00

March 7, 8, 9th Sebring , Florida  9:00~4:00   

April  Children's watercolor workshops jax and Sebring 

dates TBD at a later time 

No upcoming events.

a glimpse of what we do in my workshops ...

This is a quick visit to one of my workshops , if you have any questions , drop me a line ,,,,